10 things you can do with coconut oil

coconutsAt Pilates Body Shop, we’re big advocates of using natural & safe products and recommending them to our clients.

If there’s one multi-tasker that’s a ‘MUST HAVE’ in your home, it’s a jar of good quality virgin organic coconut oil.


It’s one of the most versatile products you’ll find in the kitchen, and it’s just at home in your beauty cabinet too.

Here’s our 10 favourite things to do with coconut oil

  1. Use it to fry food. Coconut oil has a higher burning temperature than other oils, including olive oil, which means it won’t turn rancid as soon as you turn the heat up
  2. Body lotion. Take a spoonful in to the shower with you and rub on to damp skin. When you towel dry, you’ll already be moisturised
  3. Add coconut oil and sugar together for a natural body scrub
  4. Carry a small tub for a natural & tasty lip balm
  5. Massage in to the scalp to condition & moisturise hair and help treat dry scalps that cause dandruff
  6. Smooth fly-away hair with a small amount rubbed in to the palm of your hands and patted down on to out of control hair
  7. Put the moisture back in to leather shoes, purses and furniture after cleaning
  8. Mix with essential oils for a natural insect repellent
  9. Natural alternative to nappy rash cream (and grown up rashes too)
  10. Rub on the inside and outside of your nose in cold & flu season to pre-empt dry skin
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