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Wake up with Wim Hoff Breathing

What if there was an exercise that was so powerful it could change the PH of your blood? It could take your blood from acid to alkaline in minutes? What if the same exercise could boost your digestion, lower your heart rate, lower your cortisol levels and help improve your sleep at night? What if […]

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Back Pain and Stress

How your Body Deals with Stress -Tension Release Exercises Are you suffering from.. Anxiety? Back Pain Muscle Tension? PTSD? Thyroid problems? The body is an amazing organism which has the ability to heal itself. When it has a trauma or cumulative stress,we inhibit the natural healing process by holding the stress or trauma in the […]

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A Pilates Body Shop Christmas

A Pilates Body Shop Christmas   T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house All creatures were relaxing even the mouse The exercise mats hung on the rail with care They’d been used all week and needed an air   When out of the fireplace there arose such a clatter Robyn sprang to […]

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