Spring Clean Your Mind


I love spring! Spring is a time of rebirth, motivation and change. At this time of the year we get motivated to change habits that affect our health so we might start exercising more or embark on a diet. However we find ourselves going back to our negative habits because we haven’t made the most important change of all- our beliefs- the way we think. So to change our habits on a permanent basis we must also change the way we think or we will fall back into the same habit that we are effectively trying to change. Here are 7 ways we can change the way we think so that our habits and beliefs are congruent to make that permanent change for our wellbeing.

  1. Commit to Daily Personal Development
    Commit to waking up an hour earlier and starting your day with exercise while listening to something educational and motivational on your iPod. Give yourself the best time of the day when you are refreshed after a good night sleep.
  2. Create a Vision board
    The power of images on our subconscious brain begins to reprogram and create new neural connections that insist these images become the reality of our lives. In the movie, The Secret, John Assaraf shares his story of his vision board. As he was climbing the entrepreneurial ladder of success, he created vision boards. These boards went into storage and it wasn’t until years later, unpacking in his new luxury home in California that he realized he was living in the exact house he had placed on the board!
  3. Affirmations
    One way to look at affirmations is to think of them as a magnet. The more we recite them the more powerful the magnet. The magnet is pulling our hearts desires closer to us. If we stop reciting our affirmations or lose feeling in them then the magnet weakens and we send a message that we do not really want or intend that thing.
  4. Daily Gratitude
    When we are able to be grateful for small things, we soon find ourselves attracting even greater things. If you want to shift your mindset, be grateful now. Do you want fort magnificent things to happen in order to appreciate your life; make a decision to be thankful for even the smallest things. The moment you begin this practice of daily gratitude, the moment your mind will shift and you will spend your day in the pursuit of more things to appreciate.
  5. 30-Day Mental and Physical Detox
    Your brain processes in the neighborhood 500,000 bits of information every minute. Your brain is more sophisticated than the most powerful computer. Some of the information your brain processes is essential for survival. For example your brain will regulate your body to tell you if you are hungry, thirsty or even pull your hand away from the hot stove. Other information we process is in response to stimuli that the brain perceives as either negative or positive. For example we could watch the news and see it flash on the screen about “war breaking out in Sierra Leone” and have little effect if we have no relation to the country. If we however we have travelled to West Africa and witnessed the deep sadness taking place due to corruption there, then we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with emotion such as anger, frustration and despair. The thing with media is that stories of war, corruption, murder, rape and deception sell. As human beings we innately gravitate towards such things and these things affect our thoughts. Once our thought safe affected our action will intern be affected? The news piece that begins your day may inadvertently have a profound impact on your entire day. 
Seeing your glass half full or half empty will guide you of how you view the world. Until you have trained your mind to be positive and perceive every challenge as an opportunity then it is imperative that you detox yourself by going for 30 days without reading the newspaper, watching television or listening to talk back radio. Observe how your thinking changes. 
Lastly a toxic body leads to a toxic mind. Doing a cleanse at least twice a year will give you more energy, vitality, mental focus and you will feel fantastic.
  6. Responsibility of our emotions
    Who are you angry at? Has somebody disappointed you? These feelings of despondency are really old triggers that we are not aware of. It is you feeling this way -the other person may not even be aware that you are feeing this way, yet we still blame them for making us feel bad. Feeling these emotions gives us an insight into unresolved issues that may be sabotaging us from moving forward. When we feel sad do we turn to the block of chocolate? Take full responsibility of your emotions and see how you react when you feel this emotion? If we change the habit of suppressing this emotion to a place of more awareness and clarity we can start discovering deeper awareness of ourselves that will not only improve relationship with others but also with ourselves.
  7. Find a Mentor
    There are different forms of mentorship. Initially, mentors may come from devouring the pages of empowering books like Anthony Robbins’ or Deepak Chopras’ works. Another form of mentorship may be hiring a fitness professional that has studied and has had years of experience working on their own body. 
If your goal is to make money find a mentor that is making the money you want. If somebody has lost the weight you want to loose let him or her be your mentor. 
Mentoring is about getting in the mental space of others that have succeeded already in what you want to succeed in. Every successful individual was mentored by at least one other successful person.
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