Wake up with Wim Hoff Breathing

What if there was an exercise that was so powerful it could change the PH of your blood? It could take your blood from acid to alkaline in minutes? What if the same exercise could boost your digestion, lower your heart rate, lower your cortisol levels and help improve your sleep at night? What if this exercise practised in extreme fashion could create LSD out of body experiences? That Exercise is Breathing Consciously – liberating yourself through Breathe is a great way to start your day . The Wim Hoff Breathing method has many benefits.

About Wim Hoff: Wim achieved several world records and proved scientifically he could change his nervous and immune system responses through breathe, he was injected with endotoxins and his health did not deteriorate as expected-the normal response of the other test participants .Surprised scientists couldn’t believe the results. Wim agreed to train 18 more individuals his method over 4 days. Scientists then injected these individuals with Endotoxins. Amazingly they too had the same results-they had activated their immune response so the endotoxin could not compromise their health.

About Joseph Pilates: Earlier that century a man named Joseph Pilates cured his own health ailments through breathe, exercise and cold therapy ,he also shared his method with others who benefited. Joseph Pilates was imprisoned in England ,in world war 1. As a prisoner of war,he taught other internees his system of breathing and exercises and the bed ridden where also moved with springs and pulley systems. When the influenza epidemic struck not a single one of Joes trainees died. This he claimed was because of the effectiveness of his system .

Why are they similar: Joe and Wim have alot of other similarities apart from their belief in the power of breath. They also love the cold and exercise. Joe was commonly seen around New York exercising in the snow in swimming trunks whilst Wim’s world records were immersing himself in ice. Both Methods believe that breathing, exercise and cold therapy are necessary for health and well-being.

“Above all learn how to breathe correctly” Joseph PIlates
“The Breathe can go deeper than the mind “Wim Hoff

Breath is an unconscious act. There are many ways to breathe just as there are foods to eat. The Wim Hoff method is scientifically proved to work and you don’t even have to get out of bed -the best way to start the day.

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