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We offer specialised equipment that enhances your workout experience.The pilates equipment will help improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility and muscle tone.The equipment is suitable for all ages, abilities and health conditions.

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The reformer is the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment and facilitates an extrordinary range of stretching and strengthening exercises. It has a carriage that glides on rails, in response to the use of attached springs, pulleys and ropes. You can lay, sit ,kneel or stand on the carriage. Your arms or legs either push away from the footbar or pull on the ropes to create the tension on the springs By extending the springs and then controlling the return of the carriage this is how the muscles are worked.


Wunda Chair

Originally the wunda chair was designed as a compact workout system for New York apartments. Using a single pedal attached o springs, workouts on the wunda chair enhance stability, balance and body control. The focus on upper and lower body strength and conditioning makes it ideal for a complete body workout.


Cadi/Trap Table

The cadi tower is a raised mat with a vertical frame on which various bars, springs and levers are fixed. A variety of exercises can be performed. From gentle assisted sit ups to acrobatic exercises the cadi offers exercises for all ages and abilities.


Spine Corrector

A floor step with a barrel that aids back extension and lateral flexion exercises using gravity.



What I L-OOV-E about the OOV is it elongates the spine, helps you find diaphramatic breath whilst you are working your core ! It empowers the “Being “to help focus on the present when learning and mastering neuromuscular rehabilitation.

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High Barrell

Combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for core strength and flexibility exercises. The barrel is connected to a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths as everybody is different.


Private 1 on 1 

Posture Assessment 

Movement Analysis

Introduction to Principles and Equipment 


10 Class Equipment Studio Package

Small personalised classes Maximum of 4 people per class

Use of all pilates Equipment 


Private Session

Private 1 on 1 

Activate muscles you didn't even know you had

Movement Analysis

Movement Principles on Equipment 



. Using your own bodyweight we practice lengthening and strengthening exercises focusing on breath, alignment and mindfulness. 

We combine Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability(DNS) to pilates matwork repetoire. DNS is a new rehabilitation approach which stimulates control centres in the brain to activate proper movement function .

We are proud to be one of the few DNS certified exercise trainers in Australia through the renowned Rehabilitaion Prague School. 

Don't have time in your day to get to a pilates class? Jump on  Zoom and participate with the rest of the class. If you prefer to come in person we also have room in the studio 


10 Pack Matwork 


 Pilates matwork is a non-impact body conditioning program suitable for all ages and fitness levels . It uses focused breathing and controlled movements to strengthen the body’s core stabilizing muscles.


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