Pilates Studio

Having your pilates class in the pilates studio at Forresters Beach has added benefits and can produce results that cannot be acheived with Mat Classes alone. Here’s an outline of the studio equipment and the unique benefits that can be gained by doing a Studio Class with Pilates Body Shop Forresters Beach.

How do I start?

Come in for 2X 1 hour Initiial Consultations.These are one on one sessions that last for 1 hour and cost $90 each .In these sessions we cover:

  • Posture analysis
  •  Pilates principles
  •  Introduction to  Equipment (see below)
  • analyse your movement patterns and what may be giving you pain?

You then you can go into a class with a maximum of 4 people.


The reformer is the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment and facilitates an extrodinary range of stretching and strengthening exercises. It has a carriage that glides on rails, in response to the use of attached springs, pulleys and ropes. You can lay, sit ,kneel or stand on the carriage. Your arms or legs either push away from the footbar or pull on the ropes to create the tension on the springs By extending the springs and then controlling the return of the carriage this is how the muscles are worked.


The cadi tower is a raised mat with a vertical frame on which various bars, springs and levers are fixed. A variety of exercises can be performed. From gentle assisted sit ups to acrobatic exercises the cadi offers exercises for all ages and abilities.

Wunda Chair

Originally the wunda chair was designed as a compact workout system for New York apartments. Using a single pedal attached o springs, workouts on the wunda chair enhance stability, balance and body control. The focus on upper and lower body strength and conditioning makes it ideal for a complete body workout.


What I l-OOV-e about the OOV is it elongates the spine, helps you find diaphramatic breath whilst you are working your core ! It empowers the “Being “to help focus on the present when learning and mastering neuromuscular rehabilitation.

High barrel

Combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for core strength and flexibility exercises. The barrel is connected to a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths as everybody is different.

Spine corrector

A floor step with a barrel that aids back extension and lateral flexion exercises using gravity.


Springs attached to a pole great for for shoulder rehabilitation,postural alignment & pregnancy.

Vibrational Platform

Compress your workout time by contracting more muscles in one movement. There are also amazing Health Benefits to vibration training, feel revitalised and youthful as you strengthen your muscles and increase your bone density. It’s Simple and Effective, easy strength & stretching exercises can be performed on the platform for maximum results.